Ridin' High (Moxy album)

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Ridin' High
Moxy- Ridin'High- 1977.gif
Studio album by Moxy
Released 1977
Recorded March 1977 Toronto
Genre Hard rock, Heavy metal
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Label Mercury
Producer Jack Douglas, Edward Leonetti
Moxy chronology
Moxy II
Ridin' High
Under the Lights
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[1]

Ridin' High [2]is the third album by the Canadian hard rock band Moxy, released in 1977. The record got good reviews and got the band nominated for a Juno Award (Canada's Grammy) in 1977 for Most Promising Group of the Year.[3] The album produced two Texas hit songs "Are You Ready", and "Ridin' High", as for Canada the album was considered too hard/heavy for Canadian radio at the time and consequently only the slowest paced song "Another Time Another Place" received any airplay in the band's home country. The album still sold well in Canada and especially in Southern USA because of strong live appearances that included shows with AC/DC[4] and Trooper.[5]

In the words of Earl Johnson "I remember going in doing radio interviews and Ridin High was the single and they would put it on and all the needles would just go tilt over right into the red and the station engineer would be freaking out. And I'm going, we're not going to get any airplay with this. I just knew it. And you know, we were a concert act",[6]


Track listing[edit]

  1. "Nothin' Comes Easy" - 4:22 (Earl Johnson)
  2. "Rock Baby" - 4:48 (Earl Johnson)
  3. "Sweet Reputation (Symphony for Margaret)" - 3:54 (Buzz Shearman, Bill Wade, Earl Johnson)
  4. "I'll Set You on Fire" - 3:17 (Buddy Caine)
  5. "Ridin' High" - 4:03 (Earl Johnson)
  6. "Young Legs" - 3:46 (Bill Wade)
  7. "Another Time Another Place" - 4:39 (Earl Johnson)
  8. "Are You Ready" - 3:52 (Buddy Caine, Buzz Shearman)
  9. "Nothin' Comes Easy (Reprise)" - 1:02 (Earl Johnson)


Moxy’s original catalogue of albums were again available starting in 1994 when Valerie Shearman ("Buzz" widow) oversaw the release of all of Moxy's back catalogue of albums on CD through Pacemaker Records, and again in 2003 this time through Unidisc Music Inc.


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