Rie fu (album)

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Rie fu
Studio album by Rie fu
Released January 19, 2005
Genre J-pop
Label Sony Japan
Rie fu chronology
Rie fu
Rose Album
(2006)Rose Album2006

Rie fu is J-pop singer Rie fu's self-titled debut album, released in 2005. A portion of her bilingual (English and Japanese) song Life is Like a Boat was used as the closing theme for the first 13 episodes of the anime Bleach.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "笑って、恵みのもとへ" (Waratte, Megumi no Moto he; Laughing, To the Origin Of Grace)
  2. "Beautiful Words"
  3. "Somebody's World"
  4. "2cm"
  5. "I So Wanted"
  6. "Decay"
  7. "Prayers & Melodies"
  8. "雨の日が好きって思ってみたい" (Ame no Hi ga Sukitte Omotte Mitai; I Want To Think I Like Rainy Days)
  9. "Voice" (Album Version)
  10. "ツキノウエ(Jamming Version)" (Tsuki no Ue; Over the Moon)
  11. "Shine"
  12. "Life is Like a Boat"
  13. "~Interlude~"
  14. "decay" (English Version)