Right! Right! Right!

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Right! Right! Right!
Video by Jet

Right! Right! Right! was a DVD of Melbourne-based rock band Jet and their performance at the Forum theatre, Melbourne. The performance was on the tour following the release of their debut album, "Get Born". The DVD also contains videoclips of selected video clips from different countries, like the UK or America. In addition to this, it contains the documentary "Take It Or Leave It", named after one of the band's songs, which records their early success and feelings on events that interrupted the progress and recording of "Get Born". Jet were halfway through recording when they received a call from the Rolling Stones requesting whether they wanted to play as their support act. Also, after Get Born was finished, and the band was touring America, John Cester, the father of drummer Chris and vocalist and guitarist Nic, was diagnosed with cancer, which resulted in the band flying back and forth between America and Australia so the boys could spend time with John before he died. "Right! Right! Right!" was released in 2004.


Live At The Forum

  1. "Get What You Need" (Nic Cester, Chris Cester, Cameron Muncey)
  2. "Last Chance" (Chris Cester, Cameron Muncey)
  3. "Rollover DJ" (Nic Cester, Chris Cester)
  4. "Sweet Young Thing" (Edward C. Cobb)
  5. "Lazy Gun" (Nic Cester, Chris Cester)
  6. "Radio Song" (Nic Cester, Chris Cester, Cameron Muncey)
  7. "Look What You've Done" (Nic Cester)
  8. "Hey Kids" (Nic Cester, Chris Cester, Cameron Muncey)
  9. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" (Nic Cester, Cameron Muncey)
  10. "Cold Hard Bitch" (Nic Cester, Chris Cester, Cameron Muncey)
  11. "Get Me Outta Here" (Nic Cester, Chris Cester)
  12. "Take It Or Leave It" (Nic Cester, Cameron Muncey)
  13. "Move On" (Nic Cester, Chris Cester)
  14. "That's Alright Mama" (Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup)


Music Videos

  1. "Take It Or Leave It"
  2. "Rollover DJ"
  3. "Rollover DJ (US Version)"
  4. "Look What You've Done (UK Version)"
  5. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"
  6. "Cold Hard Bitch"


  • Guitarist and lead vocalist of Australian punkabilly band The Living End, Chris Cheney, made a special appearance in the performance at the Forum, and played guitar on "Thats Alright Mama".