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The Rikspokalen is a motor rally that takes place in Örebro, Sweden. In the past, it was considered to be one of Europe's toughest rallies.

It was one of the first rallies held when sport continued after World War Two with an event held in 1946 that had 35 finishers. It was won by Olle Landbu in a DKW F8 Meisterklasse with Per-Frederik Cederbaum second in a Willys Jeep MB and Bengt Carlqvist in a Volvo PV53 third. It was not held again until 1949 when Rune Andersson took his 1939 Ford Anglia to victory. The Swedish lady driver Cecilia Koskill finished sixth in her Volkswagen 1100 in what was among the first appearances of the iconic "beetle" in a major rally. Later winners included Saab drivers Rolf Mellde (1950), Erik Carlsson (1955 and 1956) and Carl-Magnus Skogh (1957, 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1961).

Roughly translated, the name means "State's Cup".

Overall results 1946-61[edit]

Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1946 Olle Landbu (DKW F8 Meisterklasse) Per-Frederik Cederbaum (Willys Jeep MB) Bengt Carlqvist (Volvo PV53)
1949 Rune Andersson (1939 Ford Anglia) K V Andersson (Citroen 11CV) Gosta Bergqvist
1950 Rolf Mellde (Saab 92)
1951 Bengt Reander (Ford Anglia)
1952 Gunnar Kallstrom (Volkswagen 1200) Lasse Pettersson Helmuth Fahlen
1953 Allan Borgefors (Volkswagen 1200) Arne Larsson (Volkswagen 1200) Gunnar Kallstrom (Volkswagen 1200)
1954 Gunnar Nilsson (Fiat 1100) Allan Borgefors (Volkswagen 1200) Gunnar Kallstrom (Volkswagen 1200)
1955 Erik Carlsson (Saab 92) Carl-Gunnar Hammarlund (Porsche 356B 1500) Grus-Olle Persson (Porsche) 356B 1500)
1956 Erik Carlsson (Saab 93)
1957 Carl-Magnus Skogh (Saab 93B)
1958 Carl-Magnus Skogh (Saab 93B)
1959 Carl-Magnus Skogh (Saab 93B)
1960 Carl-Magnus Skogh (Saab 96)
1961 Carl-Magnus Skogh (Saab 96)