Rila Municipality

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Rila Municipality
Община Рила
Country  Bulgaria
Province Kyustendil Province
Seat Rila

Rila Municipality (Bulgarian: Рила) is located in southeastern Kyustendil Province, Bulgaria. Its administrative centre is Rila. The municipality covers an area of 361 square kilometres (139 sq mi), of which 54.84% is forests and only 19.3% is arable.[citation needed]. As of 2009, the population was 3606.[1]

Locations in Rila Municipality include:

Several peaks higher than 2,000 metres are part of the municipality, including Rilets (2,731 m), Yosifitsa (2,697 m), Kanarata (2,619 m), Zliya Zab (2,678 m), Kalin (2,667 m), Elenin Vrah (2,654 m) and Tsarev Vrah (2,378 m). The municipality also boasts 28 mountain lakes. The area is also rich in medieval Bulgarian Orthodox churches and monasteries.


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Coordinates: 42°8′N 23°8′E / 42.133°N 23.133°E / 42.133; 23.133