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Rillsoft Project
Rillsoft Project 6.1 showing the Gantt chart of the project
Rillsoft Project 6.1 showing the Gantt chart of the project
Developer(s) Rillsoft GmbH
Stable release
6.1 / October 26, 2016 (2016-10-26)
Written in C++
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Project management software
License Trialware

Rillsoft Project is project management software, developed and sold by Rillsoft GmbH. That runs under the Windows operating systems.


Project management[edit]

Rillsoft Project showing Gantt chart

Creating/presenting the project schedule from different angles, either by using a Gantt chart, a network diagram or a bar-network diagram. Calculation of critical path and contingency reserve highlights any bottlenecks the project may have.

Multi-project management[edit]

Rillsoft Project showing portfolio Gantt chart & Resource chart

Multi-project management allows to summarize multiple projects by theme, department or other criteria in portfolio, to edit parallel and to detect resource conflicts better. Cross-project links make different projects dependent on each other, but without automatic date adjustment by changes in foreign plans. Capacity planning is taking into account the resources already assigned to other projects.

Capacity planning[edit]

Rillsoft Project showing capacity planning

Capacity planning provides a detailed overview of the coverage of personnel requirements with existing labour capacity taking into account the necessary skills, nonworking time and scheduling in other parallel running projects. It is important that a capacity alignment of actual employee assignment occurs.

Resource planning[edit]

Comprising functions for personnel, machinery and materials management allow you to plan the use and utilization of your resources and enable to control them in the course of the project.

Personnel placement planning[edit]

Rillsoft Project showing Personnel placement planning

Personnel placement planning enables a flexible and demand-optimized assignment of personnel resources for the individual work steps. An employee utilization view ensures that all overloads and shortages can be detected in time.

Project controlling[edit]

Rillsoft Project showing Project controlling

Project controlling is represented by feedback, execution status of tasks, financial control and variance analysis. In addition, email notification feature helps to keep the important due dates in mind.

Language support[edit]

Rillsoft Project is available in English, German and Russian.


Rillsoft Project is available in four editions, Freeware, Education, Light, Standard, Professional and Enterprise; all editions are available either as 32 or 64bit options:[1]

The Professional and Enterprise edition can be connected to Rillsoft Integration Server.


The first commercial version of Rillsoft Project was released in 2002.

Rillsoft Project 2007 was released in 2007

Rillsoft Project 5 was available in 2009

Rillsoft Project 6 was released in 2015

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