Rimbach, Hesse

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Rimbach (Odenwald)
Coat of arms of Rimbach (Odenwald)
Coat of arms
Rimbach (Odenwald)  is located in Germany
Rimbach (Odenwald)
Rimbach (Odenwald)
Coordinates: 49°37′24″N 8°45′36″E / 49.62333°N 8.76000°E / 49.62333; 8.76000Coordinates: 49°37′24″N 8°45′36″E / 49.62333°N 8.76000°E / 49.62333; 8.76000
Country Germany
State Hesse
Admin. region Darmstadt
District Bergstraße
 • Mayor Holger Schmitt ((PuB))
 • Total 23.16 km2 (8.94 sq mi)
Elevation 174 m (571 ft)
Population (2015-12-31)[1]
 • Total 8,571
 • Density 370/km2 (960/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 64666–64668
Dialling codes 06253
Vehicle registration HP
Website www.rimbach-odw.de

Rimbach in the Odenwald is a community in the Bergstraße district in southern Hesse, Germany.



The community lies in the Odenwald some 30 km north of Heidelberg and about 35 km northeast of Mannheim. It is found on Bundesstraße 38, and through it flows the Weschnitz.

Neighbouring communities[edit]

Rimbach borders in the north on the community of Fürth, in the east on the community of Grasellenbach, in the southeast on the community of Wald-Michelbach, in the south on the community of Mörlenbach and in the west on the town of Heppenheim.

Constituent communities[edit]

Rimbach’s Ortsteile are Albersbach, Lauten-Weschnitz, Mitlechtern, Münschbach, Unter-Mengelbach and Zotzenbach.


Owing to its location in Bergstraße district, a mild climate prevails in Rimbach, which often leads to what in Germany is a very early blossoming of the almond trees.


In 795, Rimbach had its first documentary mention, and in 1995 it celebrated its 1,200-year jubilee.


Community council[edit]

The municipal election in 2011 yielded the following results:

Parties and
voter communities
SPD 42,6 11 52,1 16 46,3 14
CDU 25,5 6 23,2 7 25,2 8
GRÜNE 13,8 4 5,4 2 5,0 2
Freie Wählergemeinschaft 13,8 3 9,0 3 9,9 3
FDP 4,4 1 5,8 2 6,1 2
Unabhängige Bürger Liste 4,5 1 7,6 2
total 100,0 25 100,0 31 100,0 31
Voter turnout in % 52,7 64,2 57,6


Mayor Holger Schmitt (PuB) was elected in 2012 with 69.1% of the vote.

Town partnerships[edit]

Economy and infrastructure[edit]


Rimbach lies on the Weschnitztalbahn (railway) from Weinheim to Fürth in the Odenwald.

Moreover, Bundesstraße 38 runs through Rimbach. The Saukopftunnel, dedicated in 1999, made it possible to detour around Birkenau on Bundesstraße 38a, improving Rimbach’s road link with Weinheim and the Autobahn network. A new bottleneck, however, has cropped up at Mörlenbach, whose bypass is being planned.


Martin-Luther-Schule (Gymnasium)

Culture and sightseeing[edit]


  • K.U.S.S. - Martin-Luther-Schule students’ theatre
  • Jugendbühne - Martin-Luther-Schule students’ theatre
  • Center Stage - English Theater - Martin-Luther-Schule students’ theatre
  • Grünes Theater - KSG Mitlechtern

Regular events[edit]

  • Rimbescher Kerwe (church consecration festival)
  • Rimbacher Pfingstmarkt (Whitsun market)
  • Rimbacher Herbst (Autumn)
  • Rimbacher Frühling (Spring)
  • Schwarzwurzelfastnacht in Rimbach (“Black Sausage Carnival”)
  • Nikolausparty in Rimbach

Youth groups[edit]

  • Katholische Junge Gemeinde (KJG) St. Elisabeth Rimbach (a tent camp every year)
  • Christliche Pfadfinderschaft im CPD (Scouting)[citation needed]
  • Jugendfeuerwehr (youth fire brigade)
  • Jugendrotkreuz (Red Cross)


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