Rita Walter

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Rita Walter
Born Rita McLaughlin
March 8, 1951
Brooklyn, New York
Occupation Actress
Years active 1951-1985
Spouse(s) Reverend Norman Walter

Rita Walter (née McLaughlin; March 8, 1951, Brooklyn, New York) is an American actress, best known for her role as Carol Deming on the popular soap opera As the World Turns, which she played from May 1970 to December 1981.

Originally credited by her maiden name, Rita McLaughlin, she made her acting debut in the 1960s on The Patty Duke Show, in the uncredited role of Patty Duke's double. Prior to that, she was also one of Don Herbert's child assistants in the Watch Mr. Wizard television series and was featured in a TV commercial for Phillips Milk of Magnesia in 1967.

Walter's first daytime soap role was in 1966 as the original Wendy Phillips on The Secret Storm, but it would be a short stint. Four years later, in May 1970, she joined the ATWT cast as Carol Deming (and her later married names Hughes Stallings Andropoulos Frazier) until her exit from the serial on Christmas Day 1981. She also appeared in the 1985 movie Cry From the Mountain.

Today, Walter, who has been married to Reverend Norman Walter since 1976, is an optician working at Brunner Opticians in Westfield, New Jersey.

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