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Ritch may refer to:

  • Ritch Battersby of The Wildhearts, British rock group originally formed in Newcastle upon Tyne, England
  • Ritch Brinkley (born 1944), American character actor best known for playing William in Beauty and the Beast
  • Ritch Price, American college baseball coach, currently serving as head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks baseball team
  • Big Dad Ritch, the lead vocalist of American heavy metal band Texas Hippie Coalition from Denison, Texas
  • David Ritch, OBE, JP (born 1951), prominent Cayman Islands attorney who has done private and governmental work
  • Michael Ritch (born 1973), American stock car racing driver who competed in 47 races across NASCAR's top three series between 1992 and 2002
  • Michael Ritch (soccer) (born 1981), American soccer striker, who last played for the Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer
  • Shannon Ritch (born 1970), American professional mixed martial artist currently competing in the Light Heavyweight division
  • Steven Ritch (1921-1995), American actor
  • Theodore Ritch (1894–1943), Russian tenor
  • William G. Ritch, acting Governor of the New Mexico Territory and a member of the Wisconsin State Senate
  • Ritch Savin-Williams, Ph.D, (born 1949), professor of developmental psychology at Cornell University, specializes in gay, lesbian, and bisexual research
  • Ritch Shydner (born 1952), American stand-up comedian, comic writer, and actor
  • Ritch Winter (born 1957), ice hockey sports agent
  • Ritch Workman (born 1973), Republican member of the Florida House of Representatives, representing the 52nd District

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