Rivalen der Rennbahn

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Rivalen der Rennbahn
Genre Serial
Composer(s) Dieter Bohlen
Original language(s) German
No. of episodes 11
Location(s) Germany
Running time 45
Original release 1989
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Rivalen Der Rennbahn is a German serial.

Soundtrack 06.03.1989[edit]

Track listing:

  1. Countdown G.T.O. - Rivalen Der Rennbahn
  2. Nino de Angelo - Samuraj
  3. Les McKeown - It's A Game (Long Version)
  4. Marianne Rosenberg - I Need Your Love Tonight
  5. Countdown G.T.O - Magic Race (Long Version)
  6. Ricky Shayne - Once I'm Gonna Stay Forever
  7. Blue System - Love Suite
  8. Ann Turner - I'm Your Lady
  9. Nino de Angelo - Don't Kill It Carol
  10. Countdown G.T.O. - Samuraj (Instrumental)
  11. Countdown G.T.O. - Rivalen Der Rennbahn - Reprise

All songs are written by Dieter Bohlen.