River Neb

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River Neb (Manx: Awin Neb)
Glen Helen - Isle of Man - geograph.org.uk - 31796.jpg
River Neb at Glen Helen
Country Isle of Man
Cities Peel, St John's
Source Blaber River
 - elevation 320 m (1,050 ft)
 - coordinates 54°13′23″N 4°34′52″W / 54.223°N 4.581°W / 54.223; -4.581
Secondary source Rhenass River
 - elevation 290 m (951 ft)
 - coordinates 54°14′49″N 4°33′04″W / 54.247°N 4.551°W / 54.247; -4.551
Source confluence
 - location Glen Helen
 - elevation 140 m (459 ft)
 - coordinates 54°13′44″N 4°35′46″W / 54.229°N 4.596°W / 54.229; -4.596
Mouth Peel Harbour
 - coordinates 54°13′16″N 4°41′53″W / 54.221°N 4.698°W / 54.221; -4.698Coordinates: 54°13′16″N 4°41′53″W / 54.221°N 4.698°W / 54.221; -4.698

The River Neb (Manx: Awin Neb) is one of the principal rivers on the Isle of Man. It rises in the Michael hills, flows SW through Glen Helen (where it is joined by the Blaber River) to St John's, where it is joined by its principal tributary, the Foxdale River, and then flows NW to the Irish Sea at the town of Peel on the western coast. The river gets a fine run of seatrout in the autumn.

The estuary of the river was the first known site of human settlement of the island, dating back 9,000 years.