River Pitt

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River Pitt
Country England
State Somerset
District South Somerset
Cities Shepton Montague, Pitcombe
 - location Brewham, South Somerset, England
 - coordinates 51°05′55″N 2°24′41″W / 51.09861°N 2.41139°W / 51.09861; -2.41139
Mouth River Brue
 - location Cole, South Somerset, Somerset, England
 - coordinates 51°06′05″N 2°28′38″W / 51.10139°N 2.47722°W / 51.10139; -2.47722Coordinates: 51°06′05″N 2°28′38″W / 51.10139°N 2.47722°W / 51.10139; -2.47722
Length 5.5 mi (9 km)

The River Pitt, also known as the Piddy, is a short tributary of the River Brue in Somerset, England. It rises near Hardway in the parish of Brewham, and flows for 5.5 miles (8.9 km) through the parishes of Shepton Montague and Pitcombe to join the Brue at Cole.[1][2]


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