River Till

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For the Wiltshire river, see River Till, Wiltshire.
River Till
River Till at Heatherslaw - geograph.org.uk - 1319255.jpg
River Till near Heatherslaw, Etal
Country United Kingdom
County Northumberland
 - coordinates 55°40′49″N 2°12′30″W / 55.6802°N 2.2082°W / 55.6802; -2.2082Coordinates: 55°40′49″N 2°12′30″W / 55.6802°N 2.2082°W / 55.6802; -2.2082
Location of the mouth within Northumberland

The River Till is a river of north-eastern Northumberland. It is a tributary of the River Tweed, of which it is the only major tributary to flow wholly in England. The upper part of the Till, which rises on Comb Fell, is known as the River Breamish.

Its tributaries include Wooler Water, which originates in the Cheviot Hills, and the River Glen in Glendale. It meets the Tweed near Berwick-upon-Tweed and the Twizel Viaduct. According to local folklore:

Tweed said to Till
"What gars ye rin sae stil?"
Says Till to Tweed,
"Though ye rin wi' speed
And I rin slaw
Whar ye droon yin man
I droon twa"

Recent environmental projects have included an attempt to conserve the native brown trout.

Tweed tributaries

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