River Wampool

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River Wampool near to Angerton, Cumbria

The River Wampool is a river flowing through north western Cumbria in England.

The river is formed at Chalkfoot near East Curthwaite, above which it is known as Chalk Beck.

Chalk Beck rises close to Wavergillhead and runs north, meeting Iron Gill and proceeding through a wooded clough to Chalkfoot.

Later, the infant River Wampool is joined by Gill Beck at West Curthwaite and Whinnow Beck at Micklethwaite.

The river continues northwards through Biglands, where it is joined by Bampton Beck and Wampool, towards Angerton, where it bends westwards, meeting Solway Firth at Anthorn.

Coordinates: 54°54′N 3°19′W / 54.900°N 3.317°W / 54.900; -3.317