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The Rivett-Carnac Baronetcy, of Derby, is a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom.[1] It was created on 12 March 1836 for James Rivett-Carnac, Chairman of the East India Company, Member of Parliament for Sandwich and Governor of Bombay. His father James Rivett had assumed by Royal warrant the additional surname of Carnac in 1801. The second Baronet represented Lymington in the House of Commons as a Conservative. The fourth Baronet was missing for many years. On 11 March 1924 an order was issued in the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice, presuming his death to have occurred on 31 December 1909. James William Rivett-Carnac, a younger son of the sixth Baronet, was a vice-admiral in the Royal Navy.

Admiral John Rivett-Carnac was the younger brother of the first Baronet. The designer Lulu Guinness is the daughter of the ninth Baronet.

Rivett-Carnac baronets, of Derby (1836)[edit]

The heir presumptive is the present holder's younger brother Simon Miles Rivett-Carnac (born 1966).
The heir presumptive's heir apparent is his son Tom Alexander Miles Rivett-Carnac (born 1996). The third heir presumptive is his youngest son Geordie James Ian Rivett-Carnac (b.1999)


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