Rivière Du Poste

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Rivière Du Poste
Rivière Du Poste is located in Mauritius
Rivière Du Poste
Rivière Du Poste
Coordinates: 20°25′43.4″S 57°34′29.8″E / 20.428722°S 57.574944°E / -20.428722; 57.574944Coordinates: 20°25′43.4″S 57°34′29.8″E / 20.428722°S 57.574944°E / -20.428722; 57.574944
CountryMauritius Mauritius
DistrictsSavanne and Grand Port district
 • Total2,170
 • Density385.4/km2 (998/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4 (MUT)
Area code(s)230
ISO 3166 codeMU

Rivière Du Poste is a village in the south part of Mauritius located in both Savanne and Grand Port district. The village is administered by the Rivière du Poste Village Council under the aegis of the Savanne District Council.[2] According to the census made by Statistics Mauritius in 2011, the population was at 2,170.[1] The neighboring villages are La Flora (North West), Mare Tabac and Rose Belle (North East) and Camp Diable and Riviere Dragon in the south of the village.


Rivière du Poste is named after the second largest river in Mauritius which cross by the village and separating it into two district Savanne and Grand Port. The local Post office opens in 1909 which was before a Railway Station.[3]

A popular attraction is the Pont Rouge (English: Red bridge) which is an old railway track which is now used by pedestrian to cross the river. There are numerous attractions such as waterfalls across the river at different spots.

Sub locality[edit]

The village itself is distributed into 4 parts:[2][4]

  • Camp Rabaud
  • Camp Siajee
  • Terrain Maurice
  • Rivière Du Poste

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