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Robbie Dale (real name Robbie Robinson) 'The Admiral' was born in Littleborough, Lancashire, England on 21 April 1940.

Pirate radio[edit]

Dale was chief DJ on the offshore pirate radio ship Radio Caroline.[1] Dale was one of the DJs on Radio Caroline on 14 August 1967 with Johnnie Walker, when the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act came into effect.[2] At its peak, the station had 23 million listeners. After the closedown of Radio Caroline he worked on the Dutch pirate radio ship Radio Veronica from May 1968 to August 1969.

He was given the nickname "The Admiral" by Dave Lee Travis because he reportedly liked the boat to be "shipshape"; he sometimes wore an admiral's uniform while doing his show.[citation needed]

He was involved in popular music in other ways. He recorded a single, "Soul Mama" for Pink Elephant records, released in 1969.[3][4] He also wrote the 1969 single "Soul Entertainer" for the funk-soul band Respect.[5] Dale is a member of the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame

Later life[edit]

During the 1970s, Dale, now retired from broadcasting, ran a contract cleaning business in London, and one of his major contracts was with Capital Radio. But in 1980 he returned as manager and regular DJ on Sunshine 101, which became one of the most popular pirate stations in the Republic Of Ireland, until unlicensed radio was outlawed in the country in 1988.

Robbie moved from Dublin to Lanzarote (Canary Islands) in 1989, where he now operates a holiday apartment complex.[6]


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