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Robbie Howard
Born (1955-09-06) September 6, 1955 (age 68)
Occupation(s)Entertainer, Singer, Impersonator

Robbie Howard (born September 6, 1955) is an American born entertainer, singer, impersonator and comedian who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where he has directed, produced and starred in long-running shows on the Las Vegas Strip with Hurray America (1993-1999) and Stars of the Strip[1] (1999-2005) and The Rat Pack is Back[2] (2006-2014).


Howard began his stage career with Broadway Musicals appearing at performing art centers and dinner theaters in Southern California. Through the 1980s Howard appeared in Perfect Strangers,[3] Growing Pains, and filmed dozens of commercials, both national and regional. In 1983, he began developing a night club act with music, comedy and impersonations which opened the door for a Las Vegas residency.

Howard relocated to Las Vegas in 1991 after performing over 10,000 Live shows in Southern California. In 1999, Howard moved his production to the Lady Luck Hotel and renamed the show Stars of the Strip until his return to the Westward Ho in 2004. In 2005, the Westward Ho, like many Las Vegas resorts, closed to make room for bigger resorts. In an article of the Las Vegas Sun,[4] Howard talked about the rapid pace in which hotels open and close in Las Vegas and how it affects the entertainers at those venues. Howard said he would like to have a deal with a major casino, but he also said it wasn't necessary because of the lucrative career he had performing corporate gigs.

In 2006, Howard joined the cast of The Rat Pack is Back playing both the Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin roles and eventually became both writer and director.[citation needed] Although he's best known for performing as Frank Sinatra, Howard also impersonates Johnny Carson, Tom Jones, Dean Martin, Wayne Newton, George Jones, Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Barry Manilow, Redd Foxx, Jim Morrison and others.[5]

During the years that followed, Howard performed throughout Australia[6][7][8][9] and around the world for corporate clients, on cruise ships and at major public venues, but still called Las Vegas home. During the Christmas holiday of 2013, Howard was one of several entertainers that headlined at Rampart Casino's Round Bar.[10] In 2015 and 2016, Howard played at several venues in Arizona with Steve Johnson.[11][12][13]

In early 2019, Howard starred in the production of An Evening with Frank Sinatra and 30 Close Friends at Seven Angels Theatre[14] in Waterbury, CT and is a regular cast member of Legends in Concert[15] where he has performed as both Frank Sinatra[16] and Dean Martin[17] in theaters in Las Vegas, Foxwoods, Myrtle Beach and Branson. In late 2019, Howard will be touring with Barbra Streisand impersonator Sharon Owens[18] and Dean Martin impersonator Johnny Edwards in a production called The Way We Were.[19]


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