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Robby Barnett is one of the founders of the dance company Pilobolus. He and other students in a dance class at Darthmouth College (1971) started using a unique weight-sharing approach to partnering, what Robby called four men twisted together like proteins.[1] This hybrid of dance and gymnastics spurred up many ideas for Robby and the other members of the new company known as Pilobolus.

In an interview with Zachary Whittenburg[2] Mr. Barnett stated that Pilobolus wants to bring in artists rather than solely sticking to dancers. They wanted to add a range of different artists and art styles to what makes Pilobolus. He said the group was trying to see if their theories would translate.[3] The group's goal was to try and bring other forms of art into dance. Not in the essence where they wanted some visual artist to draw a picture to be used on stage but to implement new ideas. a few examples of the collaborating parties are graphic novelist Art Spiegelman and puppeteer Basil Twist.

Robby Barnett is on the Advisory Committee of American Dance Festival.


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