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Robert Bryden, self-portrait 1890

Robert Bryden (1865–1939) was a Scots artist and sculptor.

Bryden was born in Coylton in South Ayrshire, Scotland. After a period working in the office of Hunter & Morris, architects in Ayr, he moved to London where he stayed for fifteen years studying, at the RSA and the Royal Academy, making a living from commissions and teaching art.

He had a large output, working as a painter, engraver and sculptor. Among his works are bronze portraits of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce in Ayr Town Hall. he also specialised in carved wooded figures, a collection of which are to be found at Rozelle House Galleries, a museum of art, in Ayrshire. Bryden is also responsible for the Coylton War Memorial.[1]

In 1899 he was granted the title of Royal Engraver. He published three volumes of etchings illustrating castles in the County of Ayrshire.[2]


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