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Robert Cook is an equine veterinarian. He has published many papers, mainly on diseases of the horse's mouth, ear, nose and throat both in scientific and horseman's journals, covering various topics:

Bridle patent[edit]

Dr. Cook's patented bridle

In 1997 Dr. Cook met Edward Allan Buck, inventor of the "original" bitless bridle in Del Mar, California. Subsequent to that meeting Dr. Cook wrote articles and many letters regarding the bitless bridle. He then took the original design created by Buck and began presenting it as his own.

Since 1997, his main interest is the disadvantages, and problems associated with using a bit in a horse's mouth. He proposes that the bit is the direct cause of many behavioural problems and diseases, and that it exposes both the horse and the rider to serious risk; he concluded that bit "is contraindicated, counterproductive and, in the wrong hands, potentially cruel [1]." He studied a new, patented type of bitless bridle, and he is now collecting more scientific evidence about its use and about related prevention of important horse problems and diseases.

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