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Robert Eric Charles Browne was a distinguished Church of England clergyman and religious writer.


Browne was born in Northern Ireland and studied at Trinity College, Dublin. He obtained a B.A. degree from Trinity in 1928 and an M.A. in 1938. In 1929 he was ordained Deacon in the Church of Ireland by the Bishop of Down, and he was ordained priest a year later.

He served curacies in Belfast, initially at St Luke's and then at St Thomas. In 1942 he was appointed Chaplain of Saint Columba's College, Dublin (Rathfarnham) and in 1946 he moved to London to become the Secretary to the Theological Colloges department of the SCM (Student Christian Movement).

Three years later he moved to Manchester and became Rector of All Saints, Gorton and in 1953 he became incumbent of the tractarian St Chrysostom's Church in Victoria Park, Manchester, from which he retired, due to ill health in 1959. 'Charlie' Browne (as he was known) was appointed an examining chaplain to the Bishop of Manchester in 1952 and a Canon of Manchester Cathedral from 1964. He died in the 1960s.


While Rector of St Chrysostom's Church Browne wrote two books, Meditations on the Temptations and Passion of our Lord (1955) and the influential[citation needed] work The Ministry of the Word in 1958.


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