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Robert Galbraith Heath (9 May 1915 – 24 September 1999) was an American psychiatrist. He followed the theory of biological psychiatry that organic defects were the sole source of mental illness,[1] and that consequently mental problems were treatable by physical means. He published 360 papers and published three books.[2][3]

Heath founded the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at Tulane University, New Orleans, in 1949 and remained its chairman until 1980.[4][5][6] He performed many experiments there involving electrical stimulation of the brain via surgically implanted electrodes. He placed DBS electrodes into the brains of 38 patients or more.[7][8] This work was partially financed by the CIA and the US military.[9]

Heath also experimented with the drug bulbocapnine to induce stupor, using prisoners in the Louisiana State Penitentiary as experimental subjects.[10] He later worked on schizophrenia, which he regarded as an illness with a physical basis.[11]

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