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Robert Lee Gaudino
Robert Gaudino.jpg
Alma materUCLA and University of Chicago
OccupationPolitical scientist

Robert Lee Gaudino (1925–1974) was a professor of political science at Williams College from 1955 to 1974.[1][2] He was "arguably the greatest Williams College educator of the 20th century."[3] Gaudino's dissertation at the University of Chicago focused on the issue of academic freedom.[4] Gaudino was

A popular teacher beloved by students for his engaging, personal enthusiasm that extended far beyond the confines of the classroom --- the oft repeated maxim goes, "he did not have students but disciples" --- he held very strict ideas about classroom decorum, addressing his students by their last names, insisting that they come to class on time and that they be prepared to be called upon at any time to enter into a Socratic-style dialogue related to the day's reading.[2]

He served in the US Army Air Corps from 1943 to 1946.[2] He wrote The Indian University.[5]

Gaudino argued that Williams should "actively promote a range of experiences that have the creative potential to unsettle and disturb" as part of a program of "uncomfortable learning" based on the "unsettling experience."[2][6]

He died in 1974 of a neurological disease.[2]


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