Robert Jean Antoine de Franquetot de Coigny

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Robert Jean Antoine de Franquetot de Coigny (1652 – August 10, 1704)[1][2] was a French soldier.

He was the son of Jean Antoine de Franquetot, Comte de Franquetot, who died on July 2, 1652 at the battle of the Faubourg Saint Antoine.[1][2]

His estate at Coigny was raised to a comté by King Louis XIV as a mark of his father's service. The Comte de Coigny entered the Musketeers in 1667. He was appointed Governor of Caen in 1680. He became Lieutenant-General of Louis XIV's armies in 1693, and Director-General of Cavalry in 1694. He died at Kœnigsmacker, Alsace, in August 1704.[2][3]

He was buried in the church of Coigny.[4]

Robert Jean Antoine had married Marie-Françoise de Matignon (August 3, 1648 – October 11, 1719)[5] on October 5, 1668. They had 3 children: François, Henri and Madeleine.[1][3] He was succeeded as Comte de Coigny by his son François de Franquetot de Coigny (1670–1759) who became Marshal of France.


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