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Robert Lawrence FitzPatrick is an author. He serves as president of Pyramid Scheme Alert,[1][2] a consumer organization to confront the abuses of pyramid schemes.[3]


Early career[edit]

Fitzpatrick's interest in pyramid schemes was sparked in the 1980s when he joined a business with a multi-level, direct-sales model. While Fitzpatrick didn't lose money, he did witness first-hand how one could get sucked into what he called, "delusional behavior."[4]


FitzPatrick is the co-author of the self-published book False Profits: Seeking Financial and Spiritual Deliverance in Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes (ISBN 0-964879-514),[5] a 1997 critical book that examines the multi-level marketing industry.


FitzPatrick has been featured on Fraud Squad TV,[1] ABC World News[2] and WTTW's Chicago Matters.[6] He has been interviewed live on CBC's Marketplace.[7] He has been quoted in newspapers and journals, including The Wall Street Journal[8][9] and The New York Times.[10]


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