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Robert Livingston the Younger (1663 – April 1725), sometimes known as Robert Livingston, Jr., or The Nephew was a wealthy merchant and political figure in colonial Albany, New York.


He was the son of James Livingston and nephew of Robert Livingston the Elder. Once established in Albany, Robert the Elder wrote to his brother James in Edinburgh, advising him to send his son Robert.[1] Robert the Younger emigrated to North America, by way of London, in November 1687. He settled in Albany, where he managed his uncle's Albany enterprises.

Robert Jr's. first jobs involved assisting his uncle as city and county clerk. In 1699 he was appointed deputy secretary and deputy clerk, positions he held until 1707, when his cousin Philip was of age. In 1708 Robert Jr. was elected alderman for the first ward. In 1709, he was appointed recorder (or deputy mayor) of the city. At the same time, he was able to prosper in business, using family connections and experience to supply both settler and military customers.[2]

In 1710, Robert Livingston Jr. was appointed mayor of Albany, serving until 1719. During his tenure, Albany grew from a trading post to the area's major supply and services center.[2] Livingston was also appointed as one of the English colony's Commissioners for Indian Affairs.


In 1697 Livingston married Margareta (or Margarita) Schuyler (b. 1682), the daughter of Pieter Schuyler, the first mayor of Albany. They had six children:

  • Engeltje (b. 1698), married John van Rensselaer of Claverack
  • James (b. 1701)
  • Janet (b. 1703), married Colonel Henry Beekman of Rhinebeck
  • Peter (b. 1706), fur trader, killed by Seneca Indians near Geneva, NY[3]
  • John (b. 1709), died 1791; and
  • Thomas, who died young.[1]

Their children "married into the best provincial families and enjoyed great success in the business of New York, Montreal, and the lands in between[2]

Margarita survived her husband by many years; her death date is unknown but occurred between 1756 and 1784.[4]

Robert Livingston the Younger died in April 1725 at was buried in the Dutch church at Albany.


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