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Robert Michael Snyder (born May 4, 1954[1]) is an American author.


Snyder is best known for authoring the Chess For Juniors children's book series. He has published multiple books and games, including Chess for Everyone and Unbeatable Chess Lessons.[2] He founded the Chess for Juniors club, claiming it was the largest of its kind in the country, and that he trained 36 national chess champions, and holds a world record for having introduced chess to more than 170,000 students.[3] He is considered to be a national and world-renowned master chess player with wins both in the US and international tournaments.[4][5][6] Several of his students have excelled under his tutelage, with results including contention for world and US national chess titles.[7]

Snyder has an Elo rating of 2306 with the United States Chess Federation, but has not played in tournaments since 1990.[8]

Criminal case[edit]

Snyder has been arrested and convicted for multiple sexual assaults involving children dating back to 1983.[9] He was featured on America's Most Wanted after fleeing Colorado while still on supervised probation in 2008.[10] He was found in Belize, and on March 30, 2010 after pleading guilty, was given an open (up to life) sentence.[11]


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