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Robert (Bob) J. Pellegrini is an American psychologist, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at San Jose State University.


He holds a BA degree from Clark University, and MA and PhD degrees from the University of Denver, He had pre-doctoral internships at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Children's Ashthmatic Research Institute and National Jewish Hospitals in Denver, and did post-doctoral work at Stanford University.

He also held positions at SJSU as Associate Dean for Research, Director of Sponsored Programs, and Psychology Department Chair.

He co- founded a B. A. degree program at C.T.F., Soledad.

He was a president of the Western Psychological Association,


His initial research was on nonverbal measures of affect as indices of racial prejudice. He challenged as meaningless on quantitative methodological grounds the (early 1960s) widely quoted arguments of psychometric "experts" concerning statistically significant race differences in IQ scores. His later research included studies of the effect of color on human functioning in both laboratory and applied settings, studies of impression-formation, political identification and attributed causes of homelessness, the medical significance of adult attachment styles, the effects of anticipated opportunity on performance, and the storied roots of identity formation.

His current work emphasizes the way identity shapes the destiny of individuals and society. Focusing on the individual. He is currently interested in promoting an international social movement toward a universal sense of belonging to what Pellegrini calls "A Global Life System"—a mind set he believes is crucial for substantive progress in enhancing the quality and ultimately the sustainability of life on earth, in a world beset by frightening challenges to which we may otherwise respond by turning increasingly against each other.

Pellegrni's latest books are Identities for Life and Death: Can we save us from our toxically-storied selves?, and the Identities for Life and Death Forever Daily Message Calendar based on that book.

Selected publications[edit]

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Pellegrini, R. J. Identities for life and death: Can we save us from our toxically-storied selves. Peoria, AZ: Intermedia Publishing, (2011) (

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