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Robert M. Prenter, Jr. was a California State Assemblyman from 1996-1998.

Personal life[edit]

Prenter was born in Harbor City, California in 1965.[1] He married Veronica Hernandez in 1994.

Political career[edit]

He was elected to the State Assembly after defeating former Assembly Speaker Brian Setencich in the Republican primary (who ran as a write-in candidate in the general election).[2] Prenter was defeated for reelection in 1998 by Dean Florez. Prenter's initial campaign was largely funded by the conservative California Independent Business PAC, principally backed by his uncle, religious radio network owner Edward G. Atsinger III.[3] Atsinger is one of the founders of Salem Communications.[4] The campaign was managed by Southern California-based political operative Jane Carroll.


California Assembly
Preceded by
Brian Setencich
California State Assemblyman, 30th District
1996 – 1998
Succeeded by
Dean Florez