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Robert S. Wallerstein (January 28, 1921 – December 21, 2014) was a prominent German born American psychoanalyst.[1] He has headed the Psychotherapy Research Project of the Menninger Foundation[2] and has been president of the International Psychoanalytical Association.[3]

Born in Germany but raised in The Bronx, Wallerstein moved to Topeka, Kansas in 1949 and to Belvedere, California in 1966,[4] where he died on December 21, 2014.[5]

Writings (selection)[edit]

  • Hospital treatment of alcoholism : a comparative, experimental study, New York : Basic Books, 1957
  • Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy: An Historical Perspective, International Journal of Psycho-Analysis,1989, 70:563-591
  • The talking cures : the psychoanalyses and the psychotherapies, New Haven [etc.] : Yale University Press, 1995
  • Lay analysis : life inside the controversy, Hillsdale, NJ [etc.] : Analytic Press, 1998
  • Forty-two lives in treatment : a study of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy : the report of the Psychotherapy Research Project of the Menninger Foundation, 1954-1982, New York : Other Press, 2000
  • The Generations of Psychotherapy Research: An Overview. Psychoanal. Psychol., 18:243-267 (2001)
  • Psychoanalysis: The Broader Scope, International Universities Press, 2004


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