Robert Samuel Nixon

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Robert Samuel Nixon (May 1909 – January 1998)[1] was a unionist politician in Northern Ireland.

Bob Nixon studied at Mountjoy School in Dublin, then at Queen's University, Belfast, where he qualified as a doctor of medicine. At the Northern Ireland general election, 1953, he was elected for the Ulster Unionist Party in North Down.[2]

In 1965, Nixon revealed that unionists in Derry had helped convince the Government of Northern Ireland to site the New University of Ulster in Coleraine, rather than their own city, which had a Roman Catholic majority. In response to this, he was suspended from the Parliamentary party for several months.[3] He stood down at the Northern Ireland general election, 1969, but stood unsuccessfully as an independent Unionist in the 1970 general election, again in North Down.[2]


Parliament of Northern Ireland
Preceded by
Thomas Bailie
Member of Parliament for North Down
Succeeded by
Robert Babington