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Robert Smith (1732–1801) was the first American Episcopal bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina.[1]

At age 25, Smith became the rector of St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Charleston. He was consecrated bishop of South Carolina in 1795, the sixth bishop in the American Episcopal succession.

Smith was one of the prominent South Carolinians to sign the charter of the College of Charleston in 1785.[2] Smith also served as the first president of the College between 1790 and 1797.[3] He maintained his residence at 6 Glebe Street, in Charleston's Harleston Village neighborhood, between the house's construction in 1770 and his death in 1801. This house was constructed on the glebe of St. Philip's Episcopal Church as the parsonage house. Additionally, it served as the location of some of the College's first classes.[4] The house is now a part of the College of Charleston, serving as its President's House, and is officially known as the Bishop Robert Smith House.[5]


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