Robert Tomasulo

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Robert Tomasulo
Born October 31, 1934
Died April 3, 2008(2008-04-03) (aged 73)
Fields Computer science
Known for Tomasulo algorithm
Notable awards Eckert–Mauchly Award (1997)

Robert Marco Tomasulo (October 31, 1934 – April 3, 2008) was a computer scientist, and the inventor of the Tomasulo Algorithm. Tomasulo was the recipient of the 1997 Eckert–Mauchly Award "[f]or the ingenious Tomasulo's Algorithm, which enabled out-of-order execution processors to be implemented."[1]

Robert Tomasulo joined IBM research in 1956 after graduating from Manhattan College. After nearly a decade gaining broad experience in a variety of technical and leadership roles, he transitioned to mainframe development, including the IBM System/360 Model 91 and its successors. Following his 25-year career with IBM, Bob worked on an incubator project at Storage Technology Corporation to develop the first CMOS-based mainframe system; co-founded NetFrame, a mid-80s startup to develop one of the earliest microprocessor-based server systems; and worked as a consultant on processor architecture and microarchitecture for Amdahl Consulting.[2]

On January 30, 2008, Tomasulo spoke at the University of Michigan College of Engineering about his career and the history and development of out-of-order execution.


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