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Robert Wintner is an author and founder of Snorkel Bob's shops throughout Hawaii.[1][2]

As Robert Wintner, his fiction tends to be led by characters seeking reason in nature.[1] Snorkel Bob's Reality Guide to Hawaii is non-fiction and written in the same voice as all Snorkel Bob productions, with guidance on snorkel sites, beaches, reefs, hazards et al., and other tourist info. Two of his novels were optioned for movie production in Los Angeles (The Modern Outlaws and Whirlaway).[verification needed] Whirlaway was a Maui County hot book listing for 15 years. His most recent novel is In a Sweet Magnolia Time (Permanent Press, 2007).[verification needed] His most recent short story collection (Wintner's Reserve) was chosen for a Book 'n a Beach Chair of the Month Main Selection.[verification needed] More recently, Wintner has focused on his career as an environmental and animal rights activist, primarily against the saltwater aquarium trade.[1]


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