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Roberto Duailibi, born October 8, 1935 in Campo Grande, Brazil is a Brazilian advertising executive.


Graduated in advertising from Escola de Propaganda de São Paulo in 1956, Roberto Duailibi became a publicist. He initiated his career in advertising in 1952, at the Colgate-Palmolive company. From 1956, he worked as copywriter in advertising agencies such as CIN - Companhia de Incremento de Negócios (now Leo Burnett Publicidade Ltda), JWT, McCann Ericson and Standard Propaganda, where he was Creative vice-president.

In 1968, he joined José Zaragoza, Francesc Petit and Ronald Persichetti to create DPZ, one of the largest and most awarded advertising agencies in Brazil. He was awarded the "Advertiser of the Year" in 1969 in Prêmio Colunistas.
In addition to the recognition and awards as advertising executive, Roberto Duailibi is a writer and professor . He was professor and course director at ESPM of São Paulo and is currently dean in the Institution Council. He was also Creative professor at ECA - Escola de Comunicações e Artes of USP - Universidade de São Paulo.
For two periods, he was chairman at ABAP, the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies. He is advisor of Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, Fundo Social de Solidariedade of the São Paulo State Government and Chairman at FUNCEB - Fundação Cultural Exército Brasileiro.

He wrote several books, among which is Criatividade & Marketing, with Harry Simonsen Jr.. This book showed the concept of the heuristic ruler and the importance to follow methods encouraging creativity across the company’s departments. In addition to Criatividade & Marketing, he was very successful with his quote collections initially called Phrase Book. In 2005, he published Cartas a um Jovem Publicitário, a book directed to the young advertising professionals. In 2008, he published with Marina Pechlivanis the collection Idéias Poderosas, gathering thematic selections of quotations in a pocket book. In the same year, he also launched the new edition of Criatividade & Marketing, with a digital version of the Heuristic Ruler.


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