Robin Wood (environmental organisation)

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Robin Wood
Founded 12 November 1982
Type Non-governmental organization
Focus Environmentalism
Area served
Method Direct action
Key people
Florian Kubitz (CEO)
900,000 (2004)

Robin Wood is a German environmental advocacy group. The group was founded in 1982 by former members of Greenpeace who desired a decentralized grassroots organization with greater autonomy to address specific local German issues.[1] Robin Wood is based in Bremen and, in 2008, was composed of fifteen mostly autonomous regional groups within Germany.[2]

Initially concerned with the conservation of German forests, particularly the Black Forest,[3] the group's activism efforts later expanded to include rainforest conservation, paper recycling, reduction of acid rain and other related areas. Robin Wood stages "attention-grabbing" demonstrations and confrontational public protests to raise awareness.[4] Although peaceful, the demonstrations are described as "often illegal."[4] The group publishes the quarterly Robin Wood Magazin.


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