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Rob "Roblimo" Miller giving speech at the Florida Linux Show 2008

Robin "Roblimo" Miller (born October 30, 1952) was the Editor in Chief of Open Source Technology Group, the company that owned Slashdot,, freshmeat,, NewsForge, and ThinkGeek from 2000 to 2008.

Miller formerly owned Robin's Limousine, a small limo company based in Elkridge, Maryland, the origin of his online nickname. Miller is best known for his involvement with Slashdot,[1] where he was not only the corporate editorial overseer but also Interview Editor.

As a freelancer, Miller wrote for a number of print and online publications including, Baltimore City Paper, American Medical News, Innkeeping World, Machine Design, The Baltimore Sun, and Miller is the author of three books: The Online Rules of Successful Companies, Point & Click Linux!, and Point & Click, all published by Prentice Hall.[citation needed] His latest[when?] ventures revolve around Internet-delivered video, including video software "tours" and tutorials on and his recent "side" venture, Internet Video Promotion, Inc.

Miller has been a judge for the Lulu Blooker Prize and is on the online advisory board of the Online Journalism Review of the Annenberg Center for Communication at the University of Southern California.

Miller lives in Bradenton, Florida. He is married with three grown children and three stepchildren.


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