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Rocco Lentini (1858 – November 1943) was an Italian painter.


He was born in Palermo. His father, a scenographer, was his first master. He won as scholarship from the community to study at Bologna, then to Paris. He exhibited in the Paris Salon of 1879 and in the 1878 Promotrice of Turin.

He painted Genre and landscapes in watercolor and tempera. He also studied scenography. His landscapes feature vistas and places in Sicily. He also painted historical canvases, including The disembarcation of Garibaldi at Marsala.[1]

In 1884, he won a stipend for attending the Brera Academy, and stayed in Milan for some years. He returned to teach and paint in Palermo. He published two educational books Elementi di Ornato (1892) and Elementi di Paesaggio. In 1911, in collaboration with Ernesto Basile, he published the book titled Le sculture e gli stucchi di Giacomo Serpotta. He organized and exhibited the Mostra Siciliana di Pittura, Scultura, Bianco e nero, held at Villa Gallidoro. He was editor and owner of the monthly journal "La Sicilia Artistica e Archeologica". he traveled frequently to Germany, North Italy, and Venice, participating in two Biennali, 1905 and 1922.[2]


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