Rochester Rock Art Panel

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Rochester Creek Rock Art Panel
Map showing the location of Rochester Creek Rock Art Panel
Map showing the location of Rochester Creek Rock Art Panel
LocationEmery County, Utah, USA
Nearest cityEmery
Coordinates38°54′11″N 111°11′53″W / 38.90306°N 111.19806°W / 38.90306; -111.19806Coordinates: 38°54′11″N 111°11′53″W / 38.90306°N 111.19806°W / 38.90306; -111.19806
Governing bodyBureau of Land Management

The Rochester Rock Art Panel consists of a large number of petroglyphs of various ages. Some are prehistoric rock art, probably of Fremont culture origin. Others are probably modern, depicting horses, for example. And some are perhaps of very recent origin, most likely the work of white explorers, settlers, and/or tourists. There is a great deal of graffiti near the main panel that is obviously of fairly recent origin. The majority of the panel is covered with a dark desert varnish which contrasts nicely with the light sandstone that is exposed when the petroglyphs are pecked into the surface. There are several sections of very light stone in the center of the panel where it appears some of original stone was removed, probably by collectors who were after the figures inscribed there.

The panel is located 3 miles east of Emery, Utah but is accessed via a graded road coming from a turnoff to the north, near the town of Moore. To get to the panel drive to the turnoff between mile markers 16 and 17 on highway 10 between the towns of Emery and Ferron. Take the paved road heading east to Moore for about half a mile. Turn south onto a well-graded road and drive for about 4 miles, passing a radio tower on the way. From the parking lot an obvious hiking trail of about a half mile leads along the side of a small canyon to the panel.

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