Rock'n Roll (Dread Zeppelin album)

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Rock'N Roll
Dread Zeppelin Rock N Roll.JPG
EP by Dread Zeppelin
Released 1991
Genre Hard rock, reggae rock
Length 31:27
Label Birdcage Productions
(VMI inc. in Japan)
Producer Jah Paul Jo
Rasta Li-Mon
Dread Zeppelin chronology
5,000,000* *Tortelvis Fans Can't Be Wrong
(1991)5,000,000* *Tortelvis Fans Can't Be Wrong1991
Rock'n Roll
Live on Blueberry Cheesecake
(1992)Live on Blueberry Cheesecake1992

Rock’n Roll is a limited Dread Zeppelin album from 1991 available only in Japan (or import). The album contains both studio recordings and live performances. The short running time of the album hints at a promotional tool for the band in Japan.

The leaflet contains lyrics for all songs (in English), a picture of the seven band members in what looks like a Japanese city street, followed by two pages of Japanese text and finally the track listing in Japanese and English.

Of note both live songs have great sound, with the crowd cheering and band members heard talking to them, mostly on Immigrant Song where Tortelvis presents the band members.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Rock'N Roll" (Bonham, Page, Plant, Jones) – 4:40
  2. "Communication Breakdown" (Page, Jones, Bonham) – 2:38
  3. "Stir It Up" (Edit) (Bob Marley) – 3:52
  4. "Immigrant Song" (Live) (Page, Plant) – 8:21
  5. "Stairway To Heaven" (Live) (J.Page, R. Plant) – 11:56

The Players[1][edit]

  • Jah Paul Jo - Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals
  • Tortelvis – Lead singer
  • Ed Zeppelin – percussion, vocals and keys.
  • Carl Jah – Guitars, vocals
  • Butt Mon - Bass guitar
  • Charlie Haj - is the man that hands Tortelvis his water and towel on stage.


The leaflet is sparse in the usual information (no band members, no production credits). The following is found under the track listing:

  • (1~3): recorded at the Chapel, Encino California Feb./May 1991
  • (3): Lead vocals by Jah Paul Jo and background vocals by The Peace And Love Army
  • (4,5): Recorded live, from the long lost New Year's Eve 1956 tapes, in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada
  • All tracks produced by Jah Paul Jo and Rasta Li-Mon for Birdcage Productions
  • Licensed from Ultimate Plan

From the back of the album, we can read:

Manufactured and distributed by Victor Musical Industries, inc. Tokyo, Japan (p) and © VMI
Licensed from Ultimate Plan
VICP-2051 (¥2000)


  1. ^ From Immigrant Song, no specific credits in the album, instruments are speculative.