Rock Island Line (album)

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Rock Island Line
Johnny Cash- Rock Island Line.JPG
Compilation album by Johnny Cash
Released 1966
Label Sun

Rock Island Line is an album by Johnny Cash on vinyl format, later released on CD, with a few train and fun songs included of which some were from different albums before.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Rock Island Line-2:02
  2. Hey Porter-2:37
  3. Brakeman's Blues (incomplete)-1:28
  4. Train of Love-2:48
  5. Pick A Bale Of Cotton-1:58
  6. Casey Jones-2:58
  7. The Legend of John Henry's Hammer-8:42
  8. Waiting For A Train-2:09
  9. Don't Make Me Go-3:01
  10. Time's A Wasting (with June Carter Cash)
  11. Hey,Porter!-1:59
  12. Wide Open Road-1:43


  • Johnny Cash-Guitar and Vocals
  • Marshall Grant-Bass
  • Luther Perkins-Guitar
  • Sam Phillps-Producer

Track information[edit]

  • Tracks 1 and 2 (From With His Hot And Blue Guitar)
  • Track 3 (From The Man In Black 1954-1958)
  • Track 4 (From:Sings The Songs That Made Him Famous)
  • Track 5 (From:The Very Best Of Johnny Cash)
  • Track 6,7 and 8 (From Blood,Sweat and Tears)

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