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Rod Beattie
OccupationSwimwear designer

Rod Beattie (1959) is an American swimwear designer. His swimsuit designs are sold at stores throughout the United States.[citation needed] Beattie designed for La Blanca and Anne Cole Collection for 25 years. He launched his own swimwear label, "Bleu/Rod Beattie",[1] in the summer of 2011.

Early life and education[edit]

Beattie was born in California. Before he attended Otis College of Art and Design,[2] he was part of his high school's swim team.[3]


After graduation in 1986, Beattie designed sportswear at several contemporary houses in Los Angeles, including Theodore and Max Studio. In 1988 he began to design swimwear for La Blanca,[4] helping the company to increase sales to about $30 million.[citation needed][5]

After six years with La Blanca, Beattie began on to design swimwear for the Anne Cole Collection, which at the time was a division of Warnaco. In March 1999, Beattie left Anne Cole Collection, joining La Blanca as head designer[6] with his name now on the label.[7] For the next ten years, La Blanca by Rod Beattie was the top-selling retail swimwear label in the United States.[8]

At the end of 2010, Beattie collaborated with swimwear manufacturer A. H. Schreiber to create a new swimwear brand[9][10] "Bleu/Rod Beattie", with sales beginning in 2011.[11]

In 2014 Beattie sold the Bleu/Rod Beattie line to Amerex Group.[12]

Special Projects[edit]

Beattie mentors students at Otis College of Art and Design,[13] helping them develop swimwear designs during a semester long swimwear assignment which are showcased at an annual fashion show.[14][15]


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