Roger Cardinal

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Roger Cardinal
Born(1940-02-27)27 February 1940
Died1 November 2019(2019-11-01) (aged 79)
Academic work
DisciplineLiterary and Visual Studies
InstitutionsUniversity of Kent at Canterbury
Main interestssurrealism, outsider art

Roger Cardinal was the author of books including Surrealism: Permanent Revelation (1970, with Robert Short) [1] and Outsider Art (1972) [2], and was professor of literary and visual studies at the University of Kent. Outsider Art was the first book in English to be published on the subject of art brut [3] and introduced the term "outsider art". In 1979 he and Victor Musgrave curated Outsiders at the Hayward Gallery, London. Cardinal published widely on individual outsider artists and wrote essays on outsider architecture, prison art, autistic art, and memory painting. He was a contributing editor of Raw Vision and co-wrote Raw Erotica (2013) along with John Maizels and Colin Rhodes [4]. Cardinal was also on the International Jury of the INSITA Triannual Exhibition, held in Slovakia [5].



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