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Roko may refer to:

  • Roko, a given name:
    • Roko Belic, an American film director, producer, cinematographer, and actor
    • Roko Karanušić, a Croatian professional tennis player
    • Roko Ukić, a Croatian professional basketball player
  • Roko, surname:
  • Roko (title), a title used by Fiji of chiefly rank
    • Roko Tui Dreketi, the Paramount Chief of Fiji's Rewa Province and of the Burebasaga Confederacy
  • Raasta roko, means "obstruct the road" in Hindi; a form of protest
  • Roko Aero aircraft builders in Zlin, making the Roko Aero NG4
  • ROKO Construction, civil engineering and construction company, based in Uganda, active in Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo and South Sudan.