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Roland I. Gammon was an American writer, publicist, and founder of World Authors, Ltd.

Early life[edit]

Roland Irvine Gammon was born on 17 November 1915 to Charles C. Gammon and Helen Fern (Irvine) Gammon in Caribou, Maine.[1] Charles Gammon worked as a druggist in Caribou,[2] but his ancestors had lived in Canada for multiple generations.[3] Roland Gammon resided in Caribou until he entered Colby College about 1933[4] and after graduation continued his studies at Oxford University.[5][6]

Career in Writing[edit]

By the time he joined the military during World War II he listed his occupation as writer.[7] He served with the United States Air Corps,[5] and after the war became a reporter for Time-Life.[5] He married Jean Thompson in 1947 and was divorced in 1960.[6] Jean was described as a "women's representative" for Scandinavian Airlines System(SAS) and wrote travel brochures under the name "Sally Ann Simpson."[8]

Religious Writings[edit]

In 1954 he co-authored with Henry James Forman the book Truth Is One; The Story of the World's Great Living Religions in Pictures and Text.[9]

In the 1960s and 1970s, Gammon devoted increasing amounts of time to writing, resulting in four more books on religion: All Believers Are Brothers,[10] Faith Is a Star,[11] A God For Modern Man.[12] and Nirvana Now,[13] Nirvana Now was seven years in preparation and was his final work.[14]

New York City[edit]

In the 1950s, Gammon was part of a publicity team in mid-town Manhattan, whose clients included Senator John F. Kennedy. Gammon was president Editorial Communications Inc.[5] He was also past president of the Universalist Church in New York City and dean of its all-faith chapel.[5] Notable contacts in Gammon's life as a writer included Walt Disney[15] and Albert Schweitzer, the latter assisted by Gammon in preparing a statement of his philosophy just weeks before his death in 1965.[16] Near the end of his life he founded World Authors Ltd.[5]

Philosophy of life[edit]

Gammon was clearly religious and had worked out his philosophy of life, as quoted in a newspaper article announcing his death.

Because in my view, there is no separation in death, I feel that death is a part of life and that life continues as the divine adventure. . . In reality, life and death are one [and but] different aspects of harmony and happiness.[17]

Gammon reportedly collapsed and died on 8 April 1981 near his residence in Manhattan.[5] He was 65.[5][17]


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