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Roland Trebicka
Born13 January 1947
Died(2013-03-06)6 March 2013
AwardsTitulli "Artist i merituar".svg Merited Artist

Roland Trebicka (13 January 1947 – 6 March 2013) was an Albanian actor of film, stage, theater and television and comedian, recipient of the Merited Artist of Albania recognition.


Roland Trebicka was born in Korçë, southern Albania in 1947. After pursuing secondary studies at the Raqi Qirinxhi, in his birthplace, he started to work at the professional Estrada (a variety show troupe) of the Cultural Center of the Armed Forces of Albania (SHQUP - Shtëpia Qendrore e Ushtrisë Popullore), or otherwise called the Estrada of the Soldier (Estrada e Ushtarit). During those years, it was in the various Estrada of the Albanian cities that many actors, Aleko Prodani, Koço Devole, Zef Deda, Mehdi Male, Behar Mera etc., who later would become famous, would have their debuts. In 1971 Trebicka joined the National Theatre of Albania (then known as Teatri popullor). He worked in the theatre until 1999. After a period of three years at the "Publimedia" company, Trebicka came back to the National Theatre.[1]

He peaked with the comedy Pallati 176 and his role of Jovan Bregu. The show has appeared over 500 times, and has had a record of spectators, although it can be often seen on TV. In addition, Trebicka had the roles of Gennarino for the "Big Magic", Sganarel in Don Juan, Khlestakov in The Government Inspector, ecc.

The career of Trebicka in cinematography started with that of Kosta in the movie Debatik in 1961, when he was still a child. Other notable movies where he has participated are Ëndërr për një karrige (Vaska) dhe and Koncert në vitin 1936 (Nasi).

In 2011 Trebicka had a lung cancer which forced him to stay away from the scene for two years and played in the show Endrra e Ismail Qemalit (The dream of Ismail Qemali), of Spiro Duni.[2] He came back for some more performances in early 2013, but died eventually from lung cancer on 6 March 2013.[1]

He was Qytetar nderi (Honored citizen) in the city of Korçë, and also awarded with the Grand Master of Work award from the Albanian government.[1]

Roles in theatre and cinematography[edit]

Roles in theatre
Year Title Notes
2011 The lawyer's wedding
2010 The barber of Seville
2009 Everybody has vices Comedy
2009 Time to get crazy
1999 He is coming
1994 8 persons plus Comedy
1990 The "Titanic" walts
1985 The Apartment Building Nr. 176 Comedy, (Jovan Bregu)
Roles in movies
Year Title Notes
2011 (?) I want a liar Comedy
2004 fans Serial comedy
1996 Long sleep Telecomedy
1984 Dreaming

for a chair

1979 The Radiostation
1978 A Concert in the year


1961 DEBATIK (Kosta)


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