Rolf Jørgen Fuglesang

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Fuglesang in 1940

Rolf Jørgen Fuglesang (31 January 1909, Fredrikstad – 25 November 1988) was a Norwegian secretary to the National Unity party government of Vidkun Quisling 1940–1941 and minister 1941–1942 and 1942–1945. He was also President of the Kulturting 1943–1945.

Fuglesang, educated in law, was from the very beginning, one of Quisling's most loyal followers and played an important role under the establishment of NS and the building of the Nazi administration during the German occupation. In the early stages of the occupation, he was regarded by the Germans as one of their strongholds,[citation needed] among others, due to his focus on the National Socialist race-ideas. Towards the end of the war, however, he was a figurehead of the opposition to the Germans inside NS.

During the Legal purge in Norway after World War II, he was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment, but released in 1956.

His daughter was married to art historian Per Jonas Nordhagen, a son of Rolf Nordhagen, for some time.[1]

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