Roll Over and Play Live

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Roll Over and Play Live
Live album by
Released1999 (1999)
GenreInstrumental Rock, Hard rock
ProducerRonnie Montrose
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Roll Over and Play Live

Roll Over and Play Live is a live album of instrumental rock music by Ronnie Montrose. It was recorded at Magnolia's in Santa Rosa, California in the summer of 1995. It features five original songs: "Feet First", "Cold Film", "Seven Men Riding", "Jungle Boy" and "Greenthing". "Greenthing" adds in a few "Rock Candy" elements from the Montrose album. "Primary Function", "Indigo Spheres", "Largemouth" and "Wish in One Hand" are from the Music From Here album. "Sidewinder" originally appeared on the album The Speed Of Sound.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Feet First" (Ronnie Montrose) - 7:47
  2. "Primary Function" (Montrose, Michele Graybeal, Craig McFarland) - 5:01
  3. "Indigo Spheres" (Montrose, Graybeal, McFarland) - 8:02
  4. "Cold Film" (Montrose) - 6:19
  5. "Seven Men Riding" (Montrose) - 5:56
  6. "Jungle Boy" (Montrose) - 6:22
  7. "Largemouth" (Montrose, Graybeal, McFarland) - 6:18
  8. "Greenthing" (Montrose) - 6:35
  9. "Sidewinder" (Montrose) - 8:07
  10. "Wish in One Hand" (Montrose, Graybeal, McFarland) - 5:12



  • Produced by Ronnie Montrose
  • Remote recording/live mixing by Jim Mathews


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