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The first mass-produced skateboard was Roller Derby Skate Company’s “Skate Board” (without the “#10”). Roller Derby made this skateboard in their La Mirada, CA factory, and it was available nationwide at Roller Derby arenas in 1959,[1] and then in Thrifty Drugstores and Sears, Roebuck and Co. as the "Roller Derby Skate Board" in 1960. It was very similar to the first commercially available skateboard; the red, flat, straight-sided, steel-wheeled "Bun Board" which had been made and sold in Hermosa Beach by Alf Jensen since 1957.[2] In 1964 Roller Derby added 3 surfboard-shaped rubber-wheeled models similar to Makaha skateboards produced in 1963. These 3 skateboards were produced in their Litchfield, Illinois plant.[3] Only after 1963, when they were making other models, was it necessary to assign the “#10” model number to the little red skateboard. So collectors be twice warned. The Roller Derby Skateboard company was owned and operated by Barry Jacobs.


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